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Child & Adolescence Psychiatric Disorder
We provide consultation on child and adolescent mental health . The children and teens face a lot of mental health problems. The children face a lot of problems such as social phobia, depression and obsessive compulsive disorder. If you find some of the symptoms enlisted below in your children, do consult a doctor before the situation aggravates.
Can’t sleep or eat.
Feels angry or worried.
Thoughts of suicide have overpowered him.
Feels low energy, not controlled emotions.

Old Age Psychiatric Disorder
As the people grow older, no doubt they suffer on the physical issues but they also undergo some mental problems. Depression and mood disorders are common to see in the elderly people. We provide counseling to all such people and help them overcome the issues.

Sleep disorder
Sleep disorder is a condition in which a person is unable to sleep on a regular basis. Due to stress, depression and hectic schedules , many people today are suffering from these problems. Lack of sleep can have a negative impact on the ability to concentrate, mood and the overall health. Our doctors are expert in handling all such issues.

Psychosexual Disorder
These disorders arise due to stress, anxiety, guilty conscience, depression, physical trauma, fear or rape. Lack of communication and commitment in a relationship can also result in the disorder. If you are experiencing the disorder, you can take assistance from our expert doctors.

It refers to a condition in which the person experiences decline in memory and reduced thinking skills that takes a toll on their daily activities. It reduces the reasoning and judgment skills along with visual perception. We provide consultation to all such patients and effectively treats them.